Audio Aids

This section features a broad range of products for the hard of hearing or deaf. Items such as talking alarm clocks, watches, doorbells and special telephones prove to be of great benefit to many users.
An alarm clock that says the time out loud when the button is pressed.
A digital wristwatch that can speak the date and time out loud.
A useful analogue clock that will say the time out loud.
A medication storage container with both tone and vibrating alarms.
A useful timer that says the countdown information out loud.
An innovative device that emits pleasant sounds and light to aid in sleep and tinnitus relief.
An alarm clock with a vibrating alert that can be placed under a pillow.
A vibrating pad that can be linked to an alarm unit and wake up people with hearing problems.
Suitable for people who have difficulties hearing easily on the telephone.
A device that can be used to alert the user when the phone is ringing.
A thermometer that will speak the recorded temperature out loud.
A useful doorbell system that is designed for people with poor vision and hearing.
A doorbell and chime unit that is extra loud and features a flashing strobe light alert.
A handy device that increases the volume of Tvs and radios for people wearing hearing aids.
A useful caller Id system that prevents calls from unwanted and unknown numbers.