Assessment & Rehabilitation

A physical and cognitive exercise and assessment range to provide a selection of practical and useful exercise, therapy and assessment tools for both users and professionals.
Disposable, powder-free gloves suitable for medical, food and laboratory application.
Completely biodegradable cleansing wipes ideal for a range of tasks, such as cleaning hands, work surfaces and beds.
A pack of disposable aprons that can be used to protect clothing from becoming soiled.
A box of 100 vinyl gloves that can protect the hands from damage and staining.
A pack of non-allergenic, powder free gloves that can protect the hands and keep them dry.
A range of versatile foam shapes that can be used as positioning supports.
A set of four furniture height raisers which can be fitted to beds or chairs with legs.
Provides a validated method of quickly assessing a patient's ability to dress themselves, thus enabling discharge from hospital.
This range of self help books can be used to treat a range of body complaints.
A scoring system that can be used to assess the abilities of people over the age of 65.
A useful textbook that contains both theoretical and practical information on dementia.
A foam cushion that makes kneeling down much more comfortable.
A wobble board that is useful for training, therapy and rehabilitation.
A comprehensive textbook that prevents a wealth of information regarding the feeding of dementia patients.
A useful resource book that contains information pertaining to the care of children who have dyspragia.
A useful kit for testing perception and sensory abilities.
A range of high quality sheepskin and terry cloth pillow covers.
A range of flat-bottomed, dense foam rolls for use in body positioning.
Versatile posture rolls for a wide range of balance and body positioning activities.
This testing shield is useful for helping a patient focus during sensory assessment.
A specially shaped cushion that makes lying in a prone position more comfortable for women.
A range of versatile foam rolls that can help with positioning support and therapy.
A useful stool that can make interacting with children easier.
A hygienic assessment and examination stool ideal for the home or professional environment.
A range of dense foam wedges for use in therapy and as seating support.
A padded foam wedge that aids in promoting proper leg position.
This comfortable chair can be used by adults that interact with children.
This height adjustable stool has a comfortable and hygienic seat.
Featuring a durable, wipe clean anti-bacterial finish and hygienic rounded corners.
This stool is useful for treating and assessing patients.