Useful Household Items

This section features clever devices and other handy products designed to make life easier in small ways around the home.
This unique key provides access to over 7000 public toilets throughout the country.
Completely biodegradable cleansing wipes ideal for a range of tasks, such as cleaning hands, work surfaces and beds.
A useful tool that makes carrying plastic bags more comfortable.
A tool that facilitates the removal of plugs from their sockets, as well as labelling materials.
A simple yet effective tool for reducing snoring.
Identifies what appliance a plug is powering and makes removal of a plug easy.
A plastic hoop that can be used to carry multiple plastic bags without pain.
A simple tool that makes brewing cups of tea easier for people with poor dexterity.
A simple tool to ensure that no toothpaste is wasted.
A pack of 12 simple to use plastic pegs that are ideal for people with poor finger function.
A single-use bib that protects clothing from food and drink spillages.
A clever household appliance which helps prevent scolding and flooding.
A simple and effective tool for removing tablets and pills from blister packs.
An attractive tartan bib that can be worn to prevent clothes from being soiled.
A fluorescent hi-vis jacket with reflective strips.
An innovative device that can be used to absorb moisture from the air and reduce the humidity.
Disposable clothing protectors with a simple adhesive backing and absorbent layer, ideal for mealtimes or arts and crafts.
A remote control that can be used to operate electrical appliances from a distance.
An alarm clock that says the time out loud when the button is pressed.
Use a remote control to switch on, off or dim lights from the comfort of a chair or bed.
A digital wristwatch that can speak the date and time out loud.
A useful analogue clock that will say the time out loud.
A pack of 20 pegs for people with weak hands - simply press down gently to affix the peg to the clothes line.
A useful timer that says the countdown information out loud.
A large analogue wall clock with easy to read and clear digits that is designed for people with vision problems.
Easy to hold, self-opening scissors ideal for people with a weak grip.
A floating thermometer that can be used to test the temperature of bath water.
An attractive digital watch that will speak the time and date out loud.
A waterproof cast and bandage protector which keeps the area dry during bathing, swimming and showering.
A simple yet effective drinks bottle with a long hose.