Patient Alerts

This section contains our range of patient alerts. These can be used to call attention for someone confined to bed. These patient alerts can be a valuable early warning system in emergency situations.
A magnetically attached Door and Window Open Alarm, alerting persons or carers to windows or doors being opened.
A simple to operate alarm that can be worn around the wrist like a watch.
A wall mounted safety alarm that can be used by a patient to call for help.
A versatile panic alarm with adjustable straps, allowing easy fitting to a range of mobility aids.
A motion detector and security light which suits any room, for increased safety and peace of mind.
An easy to use patient alarm which can be attached to any chair, bed or wheelchair.
A specially designed doorbell for people who have poor hearing.
A simple to use alert system designed for elderly and vulnerable people.
A clever memory aid with two recordable messages, ideal for people with learning disabilities or memory loss.
A simple yet effective way of alerting a carer when a patient wanders off.
A patient call and alert system that is ideal for home settings.
A patient security system that can be used at home or in a care setting.
A pressure detector mat with a pager and monitor, alerting a carer to movement or a fall.
A fantastic reminder tool and alarm clock for people with memory loss, assisting with easier everyday tasks.
A safety tool that can be used by a person living alone to call for help using a landline phone.
A day or night-time wrist worn alarm which monitors temperature and perspiration levels, warning users of low blood sugar.
A pressure pad that can be placed under a rug or carpet and used to alert a carer of a patient wandering off.
A patient alert system that will emit a warning tone and a flashing strobe light when activated.
A pager and pendant with a long range of 400m, ideal for sending emergency assistance messages to a friend or carer in the home.
A handy memory aid pendant which stores up to 90 messages, alerting the user to complete everyday tasks.
A sensor and transmitter kit that can be used to keep track of patient movements.
A monitor placed under the mattress for the detection of Tonic-Clonic (Grand Mal) type seizures.
A useful movement and temperature sensor that is used to alert a carer of a possible incident.
An under-mattress monitor and remote pager which alerts carers to nocturnal convulsive seizures.
A sophisticated and sensitive digital movement sensor which can quickly alert carers to the occurrence of a seizure.