Writing & Artwork Aids

This section features a range of tools to help with handwriting or artwork. These include items to help holding pens and pencils. Rubber grips and build-ups can help those with unstable or weak grip.
A pack of three gripping aids which can be fitted to any pen or pencil for improved grip.
A simple soft-foam grip that can be slid onto pens and pencils.
A simple yet effective pack of grip aids that make using pens and pencils easier.
A specially adapted pen with a built-up grip that allows easier writing and drawing.
A pack of 3 soft PVC writing grips that fit onto the majority of pens and pencils.
A handy tool that can securely grip paper and hold it in place to enable one handed cutting and writing.
Mini scissors with a self-opening looped handle and a blade guard, suitable for left or right-handed use.
A set of simple yet innovative grip aids for use with a range of utensils.
A paintbrush with a thick, built-up handle that is easier to hold and use.
A length of foam tubing that can be cut to size and used to increase the handle diameter of a range of items.
A fantastic arts and crafts resource which provides hours of entertainment for children and adults.
A useful clamp tool that can secure a piece of paper to a desk and prevent it from sliding around.
Disposable clothing protectors with a simple adhesive backing and absorbent layer, ideal for mealtimes or arts and crafts.
A pack of 12 wooden picture frames that can be painted and decorated.
A set of egg cups that can be individually decorated.
A soft and non-slip grip that can be slotted onto a pencil to make it easier to hold.
A useful desk clamp that can hold paper in place to enable one-handed reading, writing and cutting.
A fun activity pack that enables the user to make personalised greeting cards.
A pack of doorknob hangers that can be painted and decorated to make doors more engaging.
A useful writing aid that is designed for people with poor grip and hand function.
A set of 12 paints of various colours.
A versatile range of foam tubes that can be used to make the handles of various items thicker and easier to grasp.
An innovative craft material that can be moulded to any shape and painted and used for group or individual activities.
A pack of 48 illustrated cards for use in children's therapy.
A pack of 30 pens with attractive glittery ink for a range of uses.
A large and clear keyboard suitable for use with most computers, helping people with reduced vision to develop their IT skills.
A useful grip aid that can be used to make pens and pencils easier to grasp.
A unique artbook that can be used to explore feelings and emotions.
A useful writing aid designed for people with poor hand and grip function.
A simple tool that can make pens and pencils easier to grip and use.