Moving & Handling

Here you will find belts, harnesses and glide sheets designed to help transfer a child with minimum strain. These moving and handling devices can be useful in a variety of situations around the home or in a clinical environment.
A range of versatile foam shapes that can be used as positioning supports.
A versatile and safe patient transfer sheet with a double layer of fabric to enhance comfort.
A lightweight, comfortable air cushion which encourages correct posture in children.
This cushion enables the user to rotate their body without strain.
Convenient handling belts that assist carers during patient transfers and position changing, available in two styles.
A handling belt for children with a contoured design, soft fleece lining and quick release buckle.
A range of dense foam wedges that offer support in a prone position.
A uniquely designed transfer sheet with a non-slip panel for safety.
A useful turning disc specifically designed for children.
A padded belt designed to be worn by children to enable easier lifting and positioning.
A slide sheet that allows a child to be repositioned in a chair and stops them from sliding forwards.
An ultra safe and comfortable patient handling belt which facilitates position transfers.
A vertical standing frame which help children to achieve a posturally correct and safe position.
A brightly coloured tilting table that can be used for the treatment of children.
An assessment and treatment table designed for children that has angle and height adjustment.