Personal Care & Hygiene

Clever products designed to assist with personal care tasks in the bathroom. These items are valuable for many users in helping prolong independence in the home.
A powerful hand cleansing gel that is supplied in a portable tube for use when out and about.
Instant, water-free hand sanitiser ideal for children's sensitive skin.
A pack of pre-moistened wipes that can be used to wash without water or soap.
A strong yet gentle sanitising foam that can be used for cleansing the hands.
A fantastic alternative to a soap and water bed bath, contained in one easy application.
A simple tool that makes squeezing toothpaste and food out of tubes easier.
Effective incontinence wipes with a unique 5-in-1 action that gently cleanses and moisturises the skin.
A pack of anti-bacterial wipes with a gentle formula.
Completely biodegradable cleansing wipes ideal for a range of tasks, such as cleaning hands, work surfaces and beds.
A hair washing cap that cleanses hair in one simple step - without bowls, shampoo or water.
Adapted toenail scissors with a built-up hand-grip and a long shaft, helping users reach toes more easily.
A tub of 200 high strength disinfectant wipes.
A hand sanitising gel that includes moisturisers in its formula for a gentler effect on skin.
A long-handle applicator that can be used to put creams and lotions on hard to reach areas of the body.
A plastic bidet bowl with built-in sooap dish that can be used to facilitate easier personal cleaning.
A useful scrubbing brush that has large suction cups on the reverse to enable one handed scrubbing.
Mounted on a plastic non-slip base so you don't have to hold it.
A long-handled lotion applicator and massaging tool, ideal for reaching the back, feet or toes.
A useful tool that allows the user to clean and exfoliate their feet without bending over.
Easy-grip toenail scissors with slightly serrated blades and a long shaft, ideal for less mobile users.
A brush with a long handle that can assist in effective bathing.
A useful bidet bowl that can be attached to an standard toilet to enable personal cleaning.
A rubber handle that is easy to grasp and that can accommodate a nail file.
A pack of sanitising wipes and a cleansing hand foam.
A 15 piece pampering set which enables effortless washing and exfoliation of difficult to reach body parts.
A tub of cleansing surface wipes that kill 99.99% of bacteria.
A pack of individually wrapped anti-bacterial wipes that are ideal for use when travelling.
A strong yet gentle sanitising spray in a handy spray bottle.
A simple tool that makes clipping nails easier for people with poor dexterity.
A long handled comb and hair brush that are specially designed for easy, comfortable styling.